Silverstone RVZ02 – Case Review

Silverstone is no stranger to small form factor PC’s. From their boxy htpc style Sugo series cases, to their slimline Milo series, they have proven numerous times that they understand the needs of the small form factor PC community.

The RVZ02, a member of their signature Raven series, is no exception. Created as a revision of the RVZ01, it has definitely improved on an already viable, if not exceptional design.

Silverstone RVZ02 w/ clear window

Silverstone RVZ02 without window

Some of the features that the RVZ02 boast are:

  • Two chamber design which keeps the GPU separated from the rest of the build; great for maintaining cool temperatures
  • Two USB 3.0 front panel ports
  • Support for up to 3- 2.5in drives or 2-2.5in and 1- 3.5in drive (depending on length of GPU)
  • Tool-less drive slots
  • Compatible with GPU’s up to 13in long
  • Clear windowed side panels that add a great aesthetic and display of internals
  • Slim design that works upright, or laid flat
  • Slim optical drive slot
  • Compatible with SFX and SFX-L power supplies
  • Comes in a window-less full black version


First Impressions:

The packaging from Silverstone was impressive yet amusingly simple. Two sturdy pieces of Styrofoam suspend the case inside the box and a cloth-like bag protects the case from blemishes. The clear plastic windows on the cases side panels were also protected by sticky plastic sheets. They proved to be useful during the build process. The box of accessories and manual are concealed inside the case. I would like to note that the users manual was very well put together and proved useful. I do recommend that you go through it before building, especially before inserting the GPU into it’s chamber!


Included in the box of tools are:

  • Extra screws and zip ties
  • Round rubber studded feet to lay the case flat
  • Plastic stands for support to stand the case upright
  • PCI-e expansion slot extender for the GPU
  • Support bracket for GPU



The case boasts a slim-flat design. Functional because it can be stood upright, or laid flat like a receiver. This makes the case a great candidate for htpc use or console-esque gaming! It will most likely fit in just great in a home theater setup.

The front panel sports and aggressive and stylish look. A triangular power light features an orange LED which looks good, but may not be the look that people are going for. The USB and audio ports are hidden behind a sliding door near the light. The power button is placed very subtly in the lower left corner (when the case is standing upright).

The case is a matte black color, which seems powder-coated. The clear windows are of plexi-glass and although they provide a decent view into the interior chambers of the case, the ventilation holes and the lack of dust filter may make the windows less-than-desirable to some users.



The case uses a dual door panel system. These panels are identical and are removed rather easily. I did have a second of trouble sliding one of them back on once the build was in place, however this did not have a huge effect and was solved after a bit of tucking and reorganizing of cables. Take note that the panels are each held in place by 3 small screws, that do require a screwdriver. This was a bit surprising considering that this is not necessarily a budget case, so it would be safe to assume that they would have added some sort of tool-less or at least thumbscrew feature.



The interior design is extremely simple, open, and easy to get used to. Although it is not a traditional case layout, I feel as though I might even recommend it for the beginner builder as everything from the motherboard to the SSD slid effortlessly into its place. Because of the open layout of the main chamber, it is also friendly towards builders with bigger hands (a notable problem in many SFF cases), and there is plenty of space in front of the PSU for cable management, however cable management will consist of mostly just tucking cables into the nooks and crevices of the main chamber.



As mentioned before, everything slid into it’s place with ease and cable management was a breeze as well. The SSD sleds are very useful and easy to use; there are two and therefore there is no space in the main chamber for a 3.5in mechanical. At first the ODD drive compartment seemed like it may have been large enough to fit a 3.5in drive but it proved otherwise.


There is a power supply extension cable that connects to the end of the PSU and snakes through the main chamber to the outlet in the back of the case. The case wall that supports the PSU also has a few slots for cable management if needed.


The GPU is held on the other side of the case in its own chamber. Silverstone is nice enough to includes the PCI-e extension necessary in order to make the GPU connect to the motherboard. The GPU is connected to the case in a similar fashion to a traditional case, however there is an included support bracket that helps keep the GPU away from the walls of the case as the GPU is essentially suspended by the expansion slots and PCI-e extension.


As shown above, there is space possibly big enough to fit a 3.5in mechanical drive. Keep in mind your GPU must be 8 inches or shorter in order for it to fit!




Undoubtedly, this case is high quality in all regards, build quality, design, features, etc. Although there are a few possible cons like the panel screws, non filtered windows, and lack of 3.5in drive compatibility, this hardly takes from the overall experience and aesthetics of the case. It was an extremely easy and simple build process and the case looks great in more ways than one, especially considering that it can be displayed in two different orientations!

Overall I definitely recommend this case to someone looking to add aesthetics and functionality to their gaming setup or home theater setup!

On a scale from loathe it to love it I rate this case: LOVE IT

Loathe it                                             

Like it                                           


If you’re interested in this case, check the links below!

Silverstone RVZ02 w/ clear window

Silverstone RVZ02 without window


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