A PC gamer and overall tech enthusiast since 2014, I have been building and repairing computer systems for close to a decade. I specifically fell in love with the concept of squeezing as much power as possible into the smallest amount of space when building a PC. This is why I created the @MITXLOVE Instagram page a few years ago, in order to show people the beauty and capabilities of the mini ITX (MITX), and other small form factor (SFF) motherboard systems.

Since then my interests have expanded to other forms of computers and I have learned to maintain and repair laptops and cellphones, and other devices. I have also learned a lot about computer networking and cybersecurity.

I am currently the IT Manager/Systems Administrator at a small non-profit in Oregon, and also do repairs/consolations on the side when I have the time. I have a couple of IT/tech certifications and am currently working on getting more.

Current IT certifications:
CompTIA A+

-Hector M.


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