Details and Rules for the Ultimate Mitx Championships!


Ultimate MITX/MATX Championships!

Welcome to the Details and Rules page of the UMC! A monthly small-form-factor PC build head-to-head competition!

You can take a look at our previous UMC contest to get an idea of how the upcoming round will be:UMC rd.3

OR read below!


The competition is held through Instagram @mitxlove and through this blog! I try to hold the contest around the start of every month! About a week or two prior to the contest time, I will ask for participants to submit! However, you can feel free to submit anytime and for now I am entering participants into the contests in the order that I receive them!  To become a valid participant, read and follow the rules below!

For now, we will be putting four competitors head-to-head at a time. The reason for this is because it will make for the easiest viewing and showcase when I post the pics on instagram. This may change in the future!

Remember that as this competition is through picture formatting (Instagram, this blog) it is up to you to make your build as appealing as possible! This means high quality, well lit pictures, a well written spec list, etc.!

Prize for 1st place is $20 in your choice of Amazon or Steam credit!

I’d like to note that as of right now, ANY mini itx or micro atx build is allowed to enter, despite how simple or complex/ high end. So please be aware that if you enter an average build, you may be going up against a high-end, fully water cooled build. As the contest progresses, and I get more participation and submissions, I will most likely begin to separate the high level entries into their own category! Most likely I will be hosting a water-cooled only contest shortly after the first Champion Round!

Champion Round

Given the success of the previous rounds, I have decided to introduce the Champion round. The Champion round will happen after round 4. The Champion round is a winners only round where the winners of the first 4 rounds will be invited to compete to decide the champion of champions! The Champion round will use a hybrid audience/judge voting system that should assure that the winner is completely and undeniably the best competitor! More details later…

Rules for hopeful participants:

In order to keep things consistent and high quality, there will be a few rules that participants MUST follow in order to qualify for the competition!

1. Your case MUST be a mini itx and/or micro atx form factor as intended and advertised by the manufacturer/brand! This means that bigger cases that happen to fit mitx or matx do not count! (Example: a mid tower case that supports mitx and matx will not count). If you’re wondering whether your case qualifies, just ask!

2. You must email your entry to using these instructions:

-Title the email: UMC_ (your name)_(your builds name/case name)

-You must submit at least 3 pictures total; maximum of 4. 1 picture as your main picture (the one that will be posted 1st on the blog and Instagram, so make it one that will leave a good first impression on the voters! Most likely this should be a very general overview of your entire build, something that shows the entirety of the inside, etc. You can submit up to 2-3 more that will be posted on this page for voters additional viewing! You need to make sure you have at least 1 exterior picture highlighting the outside of the case, and at least one picture showing off the interior layout and design! Check the last contest entries for ideas on what works/looks best!

-Write a small blurb about the build. Things like special details, the building process,special parts etc. No more than 4-5 sentences.

-Include an organized and detailed spec list! For now we will just take your word for it, in the future I may be requiring proof of hardware.

3. Anyone that has submitted to be featured on the Instagram page in a non-competitive manner can still re-submit to compete!

4. Anyone who has competed previously, may do so again as long as:

– You did not win a previous contest (Winners of previous contests will be invited to compete in their respective Champions Round).

-Your entry includes something new; for example: new parts, new pictures, or a different build altogether.

More info:

Voters! keep in mind to consider things like picture quality, quality of the build including cable management, parts included, creativity and customization like painting and modding, and resourcefulness of the builder! The goal is to have a diverse array of winners, not to just have the most expensive build win every time.

As a reminder-For now, people who do NOT win their event are allowed to compete more than once! But ONLY if your submission is at least slightly different (i.e a whole new group of pictures, new parts, or a different build entirely!) This may change in the future.

Once again, for now, voters are allowed to vote up to twice! Once on Instagram (by commenting your vote under the picture- more details on the actual post) and by voting in the poll that will be generated on the contest page here on the blog!

Most likely after the Round 4, I will be pulling voting from the blog, and voting will be exclusive to Instagram.

One last thing! As of right now, you DO NOT have to have an Instagram page in order to compete! Since everything will be posted on this site and voting is allowed on this site, you don’t even need an Instagram account to participate! SO that also means that if you have friends that are not on Instagram, and they want to compete or vote, simply direct them to this blog!

Questions? Feel free to comment on any instagram post @mitxlove, dm @mitxlove, email, or comment below!!





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