Ultimate MITX/MATX Championships – Round 4

SFF enthusiasts! Welcome to the 4th ever UMC showdown! For those of you that have already seen how the contest works, feel free to skip straight down to it and get to viewing and voting! A quick note for everyone: This round there will be voting here on the blog post alongside the Instagram post as well. That being said people can vote up to twice! Most likely this will be the last round that we allow voting on the blog page as I believe I have enough of a following to get a sufficient amount of votes even just on the Instagram.

Also! After a winner is declared for this round, the Champions Round is next month! The Champions round will consist of the 4 previous UMC winners going head to head to find out who is the champ of champs! More details to come!

For this round, 1st place winner gets their choice of $20 Steam or Amazon credit..

Here we go!
List Of Contestants:
1. Max & his Raijintek Metis
2. Johan & his custom C.ACE
3. Dan & his Corsair Air 240
4. JR & his custom FURIA

1. Max & his Raijintek Metis

“It all started with the idea of building a portable mini ITX gaming rig for my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/TechMaxTV1. I wanted to build as small as possible but near silent and good looking. I think i did exactly that with the 13 liter small Raijintek Metis its all stuffed in theres literally no room for anything more. With the modded top panel has the GPU enough room to breathe and the sleeved cable match my build perfect.”

Case Raijintek Metis 
Cooler Raijintek Ereboss Core Edition
Fans Noiseblocker Multiframe
Sleeve Gosumodz
CPU i5 4690K
Mainboard MSI H87i AC
RAM 8GB Corsair Vengeance
PSU Seasonic 520W EVO
SSD Sandisk 120GB


2. Johan & his custom C.ACE

“C.ACE is a build that I made for Corsair. This case is built only with aluminium and houses a i5 6600K and Radeon R9 Nano which makes it a very small but powerful PC. I want to give a big thank you to Alexander “ace_finland” Hede as well for helping with this project.”

MOBO: Asus Z170I Pro Gaming
CPU: Intel i5 6600K
GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9 Nano
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4
SSD: Corsair Force LX 240GB
PSU: Corsair SF600
COOLER: Corsair H5SF

C.ACE (9 of 11)C.ACE (6 of 8)C.ACE (10 of 11)CES (6 of 7)

3. Dan & his Corsair Air 240

“I had a life-long relationship with console gaming. I saw what was possible with a gaming PC and needed to convert. I rushed into my first build and haphazardly threw everything together. While I was happy with the level of performance, I was not happy about the ascetics and components that I had chosen. Fast forward 6 months, throw in some research and lots of advice from the Amazing PC community and I was able to build something I will be very happy with for years to come! Thanks to all in the PCMR that supported me!”

Case: Corsair Air 240
CPU: i7 6700k @ 4ghz
CPU Cooler: Cryorig C1
Case Fans : 3x Corsair AF 120, 1x 80mm Noctua NF-R8
Mobo: MSI B150m Bazooka
GPU: EVGA 980 ti FTW edition
RAM: 16gb Kingston Hyper X DDR 4
Storage: PNY XLR8 480gb
PSU: EVGA G2 650 watt

image1 (1)image2image1image3

4. JR & his custom FURIA

“PARVUM FURIA was designed to push the limits of ultra small form factor watercooling by integrating every component into one monoblock. The 7 CNC machined frosted acrylic plates stack together forming the entire structure and an entire loop with active CPU, GPU, VRM, Chipset and Memory cooling. At just 73mm thick this is a tiny build for it’s power packing an XFX Fury X, ASRock X99E-ITX and hexacore i7-5820K into a 7.8l package.”

ASRock X99E-ITX/ac
Intel i7-5820K
XFX Radeon Fury X
HyperX Savage 2x8GB 3000C15
HyperX Predator M.2 PCIe SSD 240GB
Silverstone Strider SX600-G
Noctua NF-A14 iPPC 2000 IP67 x2
Bitspower Leviathan Slim 280 Radiator
Bitspower VG-AR9FXF Acrylic (Clear)
Bitspower ASRIX99 Nickel Plated (Clear)
Bitspower RAM Module Water Cooling Set
Bitspower Pump Cooler For DDC/MCP355
Bitspower G1/4″ Silver Shining D-Plug Set
Bitspower G1/4″ Silver Shining D-Plug Set – One INCH Version
Bitspower G1/4″ Silver Shining Stop Fitting
Laing DDC-1T Plus PWM
MDPC-X Black, Shade 19, Grey MKII and B Magic sleeving


Vote below for your favorite build! Make sure to check these guys out on my Instagram as well and vote there too! Voting ends Wednesday night!

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